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Thank you for visiting Skin Coverup! Over the years I felt there was a need for something that would hide or conceal skin imperfections. On the market I could only find liquid makeup concealers which tended to sometimes make the imperfection stand out more or rub off onto my clothes. After complaining to myself over the years why there was not something more effective, I finally decided to do something about it and Skin Coverup was born! This product can act as a layer to minimize the imperfection so that you can apply a more even layer of makeup or just wear it with no makeup at all. The idea was to make it as thin as possible but yet durable and with coverage. The product is waterproof which is another plus that makeup did not tend to stand up to over hours on the beach or at the pool. Because of me wanting this to be thin so you can’t feel where the product was if you were to rub your hand over the area, you might need to double layer it depending on the darkness or surface of the imperfection (tattoos tend to be covered best with two layers of the product for more coverage from the dark ink). I really hope you like this product and find your individual use for it!


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